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Wireless Protection Program, LLC

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    Wireless Protection Program, LLC (WPP) provides extended warranty coverage and replacement services on all types of wireless devices.  The extended warranty coverage protects customers against, lost, stolen, accidental damage and liquid damage.  The company provides a huge competitive industry differentiator, where the replacement service is not handled remotely, rather in the retail store setting so the customer is not waiting for replacement.  The company determines loss or damage impact to the customer and replaces their product upon determination.  In the event a replacement cannot be determined immediately, they provide a temporary loaner program so the customer is not left without service.  The positive impact on customer service sets WPP apart from all other providers across the country.

    The service provides customers who purchase high cost Smartphones, Flip Phones, Tablets, Mobile and Wireless products a solution to protect their investment.  Because of the mobility of the device, the likelihood of damage or loss is high and this service is an affordable way to protect these expensive assets.  The company has enjoyed a terrific growth trajectory over the past few years based on the introduction of the Smartphone.  Currently the company focuses on certain segments of the industry but has numerous potential avenues to expand.

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    20 Woodland Drive
    Batavia, NY 14020

    • Investment: Wireless Protection Program, LLC
    • Industry: Warranty Protection
    • Type: Startup
    • Timeline: 2011
    • Status: Operating
    • Description: Provides extended warranty coverage and replacement services on all types of wireless devices.


    • Extended Warranty Coverage
    • Wireless Protections Services
    • Replacement Services