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Company Profile

The Igniter Group was created as a result of repetitive success. The success of building startups or turning failing companies into thriving, industry leading organizations has fueled our desire to do it again and again. In the process, we’ve built a team of like minded individuals that want to be part of something bigger. The success we’ve realized has been built on the foundation that “good leadership consists of showing average people how to do the work of superior people.” John D Rockefeller.

Our portfolio contains a combination of start-up companies and acquisitions of struggling companies where we’ve been successful at bringing them to full potential. We implement a five-year strategic program with each company and track the progress to determine if we are tracking properly. Each year we evaluate our portfolio and make required adjustments to retain healthy operations. We try to maximize the “lifecycle” of a business within its industry and look at new ways to fuel that particular business. This enhances the value of our investments and allows us to continue to fund other acquisitions. We decide whether we will continue to operate these companies or spin them off as part of our portfolio and look to enhance other companies in the process. We hire hard working, like minded individuals who have a can-do attitude and enable them to do what it takes to succeed.

Our approach is to become majority share equity partners and bring the spark required to develop the company. We are not interested in loaning money and walking away. We have a team of people who are experienced in marketing, sales, operations and finance that brings value to each opportunity. As you will see from our portfolio, we have operating companies that span numerous industry sectors. We implement core business best practices that are synonymous across any industry and we execute. The expertise lies in you and the team you’ve developed. If we find that is lacking, we will acquire the expertise and either transfer that knowledge or retain the knowledge in order to gain the success for the sake of the business.

We are not the solution for everyone but we are an effective solution and we’d love to discuss it further with anyone who is looking to realize their success.

Company History


PakHound Parcel Logistics, Inc

Startup company formed in 1999, creating a niche market in the parcel logistics auditing industry. The company provided parcel audit and consulting services to medium and large companies shipping with parcel service companies (UPS, FedEx, DHL). The company grew from a new startup to a multi-million dollar operating company servicing over four hundred companies in the US and Canada. The company was acquired by BirdDog Solutions in 2005.


Integrated PakHound into BirdDog Solutions

PakHound Parcel Logistics was integrated into BirdDog Solutions to make use of the state-of-the art technology and the assimilation of the rich customer base. The transition took a year to complete.


Wireless Group Holdings, Inc

Wireless Group Holdings, Inc (WGH) acquired its first Wireless Zone, Premium Verizon Wireless Provider location in Hornell, NY in June 2007. After three short months of learning the business, a number of changes were implemented and a formula for success was created. Over the course of the next three years, Wireless Group Holdings acquired twleve more locations and turned them into Wireless Zone franchise locations. The 13 retail Wireless Zone franchise locations are spread across NY State and resell Verizon products and services to their respective communities and small businesses.


Wireless Protection Program, LLC

Wireless Protection Program (WPP) is a privately held company that is an electronics extended warranty and protection company. The New York State Department of Financial Services granted an operating agents license in 2012 to WPP. The company services extended warranty and protection services across New York State.


BenGo’s Properties, LLC

BenGo’s Properties is a privately held property management company that owns and operates a variety of properties in New York State. The portfolio includes high value commercial real estate properties that have been upgraded and maintained to support high value operating businesses. The properties are purchased as rehabilitation projects, where the investment is made in appropriate upgrades to realize the vision of each project. These properties are then operated and maintained to properly support operating companies to ensure great success. The property company currently manages two locations, a 6,500 sq ft mini-plaza in Attica NY and a 21,000 square foot Inn in Wyoming NY.

BenGo’s Express Mart, LLC

BenGo’s Express Mart is a privately held convenient store operating company located at 211 Main Street in Attica New York. The convenient store is a rehabilitation project that restored operations of a traditional convenient store. Current offerings are gas, grocery, coffee, breakfast, lunch, ice cream, pop, beer, lottery, tobacco, WNY Off Track Betting, bottle and can redemption, Laundromat services and a tanning salon.

211 Main Street Plaza Acquisition

This property location was a rehabilitation project that serviced a convenient store and hair salon with an additional 3,000 square feet of available floor space. The electrical plant and all lighting was completely replaced, overhauled the HVAC system and installed new HVAC services to provide adequate air flow throughout the building. A new building façade was replaced in 2012/2013 along with all new drainage system to manage the water flow to eliminate flooding. New hot water services and plumbing was replaced in 2012 to service the Laundromat and bathroom. The building is now 100% occupied with a convenient store, redemption center, Laundromat, tanning salon and hair salon.


The Hillside Inn Property Acquisition

The Hillside Inn was acquired in October 2012 and is an exquisite 15,000 square foot, twelve suite mansion and out buildings that sit on thirty tranquil and scenic acres, atop the foothills of Wyoming New York. The Hillside Inn is well known in the area from its remarkable past and its most recent footprint as a high end restaurant, party facility and inn.

The property is located at 890 East Bethany Road, Wyoming, NY 14591 and is made up of approximately 30 acres.

The Inn is located in the heart of numerous tourist attractions, such as Niagara Falls; Letchworth State Park (The Grand Canyon of the East); Wine Country and The Finger Lakes of NY State to name a few.

The project was acquired originally to build a retirement community as an alternative solution to its existing hospitality solution. We are currently seeking to sell the Inn, as this project is not something we are capable of undertaking. There is a study that was completed around the retirement community and has great potential. Moreover, the Hillside Inn provides a unique opportunity for someone who is interested in owning their own business in the hospitality and culinary industry. The local Economic Development Council (EDC) along with the town and county officials are very positive about assisting where needed with either service offering. The location couldn’t be more perfect, as it is tucked away in such a tranquil country setting yet within close proximity to so many great New York State attractions. This property contains a historical mystique that differentiates itself and attracts many.


EZ Repair

EZ Repair started out as a mobile phone and cell phone repair service for mobile device insurance providers in 2013. In 2015, the company officially brought the service to the general public and began to offer a variety of services in the mobile protection industry. What is most interesting about the company is that we did not originally offer repair services to the general public. The requirements to provide this service to the insurance industry was very stringent and required high quality standards. It wasn’t long before we realized that we can take this service to the general public because they were being underserved by poor workmanship. We continue to provide our repair service for an insurance provider as well as to walk in customers looking for inexpensive yet high quality cell phone and mobile phone repair services.

The Hilside Inn

BenGo’s Properties successful sold The Hillside Inn to a private owner to continue the rehabilitation of the property to restore it to near original state from the early 1900’s.

Our Team

  • Todd Bender

    Todd Bender

    — Co-Founder

    Todd is a passionate visionary with outstanding record of delivering bold concepts, strategies, and products to achieve significant revenue / margin gains and sustainable growth for small to Fortune 500 entities in a range of verticals. Expertise in developing and directing all aspects of new business initiatives. Seasoned professional who blends entrepreneurial spirit with business savvy and exceptional IT acumen (including e-business) to lead organizations to optimal profitability. Keen, insightful analyst, adept at identifying new markets and providing strategies / tactics for expedited penetration and expansion. Persuasive communicator, adept at initiating and forging key relationships and negotiating major deals. Dynamic team manager, proficient at training and motivating top-level sales professionals to achieve peak performance levels. Dedicated to providing authoritative leadership to attain corporate objectives.


    • Innovative Strategies
    • New Market Penetration
    • Strategic Business Planning
    • Mergers & Acquisitions
    • Turnarounds
  • gary-good

    Gary Good

    — Co-Founder

    Tenacious serial entrepreneur with extensive operational experience that delivers consistent and significant profitability gains through the analysis and implementation of bold process improvements. Keen sense of supply and demand modeling with direct impact to productivity analysis and solution development to achieve higher than projected results and implementation of new business development solutions. Innate ability to envision an end state solution with the excitement and discipline to create new systems and operational efficiencies. Authoritative leader, attentive to minor details that have significant impact to process, policy and procedure that yield positive financial results that has earned the attention and respect of industry leaders. Efficient and adept at training and implementing new business initiatives, ideas and strategies while incorporating a continuous improvement process to ensure maximized improvement. Proficient at leading, managing and motivating teams to achieve peak performance levels. Educated risk taker that capitalizes on opportunistic and timely business solutions while holding business partners and providers accountable to the committed solution.


    • Operational Management
    • Productivity Analysis
    • Process Improvement
    • Implementing New Business Initiatives
    • Supply and Demand Modeling