• Vision + Action

    Businessman looking to the future

    You had a vision and with courage and conviction built a solid foundation but now you find it challenging to get to the next critical point, realizing the full potential of your business.  There is a wide range of challenges you may be facing – time, resources, money, infrastructure, process, strategy.  You are not alone.

    You need to talk to us.  We quickly disseminate through your challenges and can determine if we can help.  Putting action to vision is what we are good at.

  • We Ignite the Possibilities

    Burning match

    We help small businesses realize their potential through private equity investment solutions.  Through a combination of private equity, management consulting, resources, process and strategy we help businesses navigate through their challenges to make the next step a possibility.

    Like we stated, you need to talk to us.  We put vision and action in motion and help you determine if we can ignite the possibilities.

  • What We Do

    Handshake of businesspeople

    It becomes easy to know what we do by knowing what we don’t do.  We do not provide companies money and walk away hoping for the best outcome.  We ensure the best potential of a successful outcome by being very particular about who we invest in and then we join in.  We have a number of investor entrepreneurs who are experienced in different facets of business and industry sectors.  Our commitment and passion to good business investments secures a greater successful outcome and minimizes the risk for everyone involved.

    So, we buy controlling interest in each portfolio company and become the spark to realize the strong growth potential – that is what we do.

    Although our primary focus is private equity, we are very skilled in the areas of divestitures and small business brokerage services.