Our Team

Todd Bender


Todd is a passionate visionary with outstanding record of delivering bold concepts, strategies, and products to achieve significant revenue / margin gains and sustainable growth for small to Fortune 500 entities in a range of verticals. Expertise in developing and directing all aspects of new business initiatives. Seasoned professional who blends entrepreneurial spirit with business savvy and exceptional IT acumen (including e-business) to lead organizations to optimal profitability. Keen, insightful analyst, adept at identifying new markets and providing strategies / tactics for expedited penetration and expansion. Persuasive communicator, adept at initiating and forging key relationships and negotiating major deals. Dynamic team manager, proficient at training and motivating top-level sales professionals to achieve peak performance levels. Dedicated to providing authoritative leadership to attain corporate objectives.

  • Innovative Strategies
  • New Market Penetration
  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Turnarounds
Gary Good

Tenacious serial entrepreneur with extensive operational experience that delivers consistent and significant profitability gains through the analysis and implementation of bold process improvements. Keen sense of supply and demand modeling with direct impact to productivity analysis and solution development to achieve higher than projected results and implementation of new business development solutions. Innate ability to envision an end state solution with the excitement and discipline to create new systems and operational efficiencies. Authoritative leader, attentive to minor details that have significant impact to process, policy and procedure that yield positive financial results that has earned the attention and respect of industry leaders. Efficient and adept at training and implementing new business initiatives, ideas and strategies while incorporating a continuous improvement process to ensure maximized improvement. Proficient at leading, managing and motivating teams to achieve peak performance levels. Educated risk taker that capitalizes on opportunistic and timely business solutions while holding business partners and providers accountable to the committed solution.

  • Operational Management
  • Productivity Analysis
  • Process Improvement
  • Implementing New Business Initiatives
  • Supply and Demand Modeling