BenGo’s Plaza

Located in Attica NY, this plaza has undergone a complete rehabilitation and is now 100% full with five operating businesses. This is a property of BenGo’s Properties, LLC.

The property at 211 Main Street was a transformation rehabilitation project of an important property in the small town. Although the town is well known for the Attica Prison riot of 1971, there are many other notable and historical aspects of the town. For example, in 1883, Eugene Norton created a cheese factory that became known as The Pineapple Cheese Factory. In 1918 the company’s molds and patents were sold to the Kraft Cheese Company. The tight knit group of hard working people that make up the local population take serious pride in their community and the building sits in a very strategic location of town. Once the owners saw this, they jumped on the opportunity.

The building was built in 1955 and served the community as a small grocery store by the name of ACME Supermarket. It is a 6,500 square foot building that sits atop nearly one acre of land. Around the early 1970’s, it was converted into a convenient store and the remaining space was split up into other retail operations. The building has had a lot of activity over the years but the building maintenance was being ignored and business began to suffer. When the owners conducted their research, they found the structure to be sound with a lot of potential so they decided to invest in the property to undergo a rehabilitation of the building. The rehabilitation started with the replacement of the entire electrical plant and portions of the roof in order to create stability for the businesses within the building. This provided the convenient store operations to upgrade the gas pumps and canopy system that made a huge improvement for that business. The second and most visible portion of the project was the rehabilitation of the front façade and redirection of the drainage system. This transformed the project from a decrepit and run down looking building into a state of the art facility and Class A space in the community. Their attention then turned to the inside of the building where each of the four additional retail spaces where rehabilitated and subsequently filled with various retail services. The convenient store portion of the space is currently undergoing its rehabilitation to complete the transformation.


20 Woodland Drive
Batavia, NY 14020


  • Investment: Wireless Group Holdings, Inc.
  • Industry: Retail Wireless Telecom
  • Type: Acquisition
  • Timeline: 2012
  • Status: Sold


  • Convenient store amenities
  • Gas, breakfast and coffee, lunch, beverages, beer, light grocery, ice cream, NYS lottery, OTB Horse Racing
  • Bottle and Can Redemption
  • Hair Salon
  • Tanning Salon
  • Laundromat