PakHound Parcel Logistics

PakHound Parcel Logistics, Inc was a start-up company in 1999 and was a leader in the transportation audit industry. Founded by Gary Good, they were the pioneer company that established the niche market of auditing parcel shipments that acted on the guarantee from the carriers (UPS, FedEx and DHL). The carriers offer a guarantee on the delivery of their package or the customer gets a full refund. PakHound monitored every shipment on behalf of their customers and made claims on the shipments if they were a minute late or beyond. They created the best “mousetrap” in the industry and quickly gained hundreds of the country’s largest shippers as clients. Shortly after becoming the industry leader with this specific audit, they quickly expanded their services. PakHound Parcel Logistics provided services that helped customers make sense of their parcel shipping activity. Through their extensive Audit Services, Billing Services and Consulting Services they saved customers money, streamlined their billing and gain information about their shipping practices that helped negotiate better contracts. Their breakthrough analysis service called the Parcel Dashboard™ highlighted the key shipping indicators (much like the gauges on a car dashboard) that helped companies determine if they are operating efficiently from a cost and shipping standpoint. PakHound Parcel Logistics was sold to BirdDog Solutions ( in 2005 that still provides an array of transportation audit services to thousands of clients.
  • Investment: PakHound Parcel Logistics, Inc Program, LLC
  • Industry: Transportation Audit Industry
  • Type: Startup
  • Timeline: 1999
  • Status: Sold
  • Description: The pioneer company that established the niche market of auditing parcel shipments.